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Few things can have as devastating an effect on your business as an infestation of rodents can. Here at Pest Control Experts we understand that these unwanted pests can have a negative influence on your staff, stock and equipment. And just imagine the reaction of a customer when they see some rodent having a meal under one of the shelves in the isle of your business! The most devastating impact of a rodent infestation is probably the one felt on your bank balance.

We have an integrated pest management program that will help you get rid of your uninvited pests without harming your business any further. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, we are experts in ridding any commercial property of rodents and other pests.

When you use Pest Control Experts Services for all your pest control needs, you can be sure that:

We comply with all Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Acts, applicable Codes of Practice and Standards.

We apply all pesticides in strict accordance to the product label directions.

We keep a detailed record of all pesticides applied at every pest control job.