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A Pest Deterrent Guide for Homeowners.

Pest infestation can lead to serious problems such as structural damages to the home and health consequences to you and your loved ones. At Pest Control Mysore PCM, we’ve been collecting insights on how best we can help you reduce pest recurrence with easy practices you can apply. Plus if you already have routine pest control treatment, this tips will help prolong the efficacy of the treatment.

When you use Pest Control Experts Services for all your pest control needs, you can be sure that:

Wait at least 3-4 hours after treatments are carried out before mopping/wiping the floor/ surface that is treated. Try not to use harsh chemicals to wipe it off

Make sure that all food are stored in air-tight containers as pests like ants and cockroaches are attracted to food and water sources

Keep trash in rubbish bins with fitted lids and make sure that all rubbish are discarded daily to prevent pests from being attracted to the foul odour.

Seal any cracks and openings. Rats and other small pest can enter your house through these openings.